AT13 Production, Trading and Service Co., Ltd specializes in wholesale and retail of male and female fashion products made from crocodile,
python, cowhide, ostrich leather …
With the criterion “Nice products, high quality, price affordable ”AT13 gives consumers absolute satisfaction.
Up to now, AT13’s products have been sold in domestic and foreign markets, in addition to branches, retail stores throughout Ho Chi Minh City,
Nha Trang, Da Nang …
AT13 has also exported to many countries in the world. world such as Russia, Japan, China, South Korea …


Highly skilled staff, long-term working experience, in-depth training, along with modern machinery and equipment,
application of advanced science and technology of AT13 products always ensure quality through every stage of production.
AT13 designs always catch the needs of consumers, many objects, and regularly launch products with new, beautiful and fashionable designs
to attract the market.


The material source of leather is carefully selected from credible and quality animal barns,
from the varieties to the water and food supply for them in order to produce shiny and flawless leather sheets.
After that, they will be tanned as per high-tech, ensuring the leather shall be tanned into durable and beautiful colors.


Our company’s products are selected from high-quality material sources.
From the tanning technology, leather processing step to decorating accessories for the products.
Every month, our company produces new products, catching the latest fashion trends in the world.

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